Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our International Presenters' Short Bios (panel #3)

Suchismita Dutta is a first year PhD student and a Graduate Assistant at the University of Miami. She did her Masters in English from the University of Delhi, India. She is interested in exploring contemporary Afro-American women’s literature and the shifting cultures of the Caribbean diaspora. She also has a strong background in Indian theatre and music.

Anne-Catherine Berry is a PhD student in Caribbean art at the Université des Antilles. Her research focuses on the fragmentation of the body in the visual arts in the French West Indies. She has published several articles in various journals among which some center on street art.

Leonardo Figueiredo Costa is doing a Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Miami. He participates in the Multidisciplinary Center for Studies in Culture and the Observatory of Creative Economy .His degree is in Culture and Development by the Multidisciplinary Program of Studies in Culture and Society, and has spent a period at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.

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